The Seven Seals

It was in March 1963 that William Branham planned to preach on the Seven Seals of Revelation. Many great teachers throughout church history had tried to explain the four horse riders of the apocalypse plus the remaining three seals. However there had been no consistency nor clear Biblical cross reference to confirm those explanations. Each person had simply done their best.

Just before the first service in the series Branham found himself in the same predicament. He neither knew nor really understood what those seven seals represented.

Some months earlier Branham had a vision of what he thought was to be his death. When that vision was fulfilled, it was not his death but a visit of seven angels. A cloud, some 26 miles or 137,000 feet high appeared over Flagstaff Arizona on the evening of February 28, 1963. It was moving in a south west direction toward Sunset mountain near Phoenix. This was extraordinary as water droplets, needed to form clouds, cannot form at such high altitudes, (A modern jet airliner rarely reaches 40,000 feet whereas this cloud was nearly 100,000 higher than that.) The cloud was photographed by many people. Four of those photographs were included on page 112 of the May 17 edition of "Life" magazine. Branham said that the cloud was seven angels who later met with him when he arrived about a week later for a hunting trip in that area. Critics claim that the cloud was nothing more than the remains of a failed Thor rocket launch from Vandenburg Air Force base near Los Angeles. (See Branham Cloud Controversy for more on this)

William Branham claimed that the angels told him to travel back to his home church at Jeffersonville, Indiana and preach a series of sermons on the Seven Seals. Now sitting in his room waiting for inspiration he felt disappointed. There had been no revelation of the seals and so he reluctantly felt that the only thing he could do was look up what others had said and teach that. Then Jesus Christ came into the room and revealed the first seal.

(If the cloud of angels and the visitation of Jesus Christ is true then Christ Himself has revealed the path we are to follow through William Branham's ministry. If it isn't true then Branham is a false prophet leading people off the true path and into error. Luke, in the book of Acts, commended the people of Berea for checking the Scriptures to see if what Paul preached was true. (Acts 17 v11) It is suggested the Berean approach should also be used with William Branham's teachings.)

In Revelation 5 John sees a book in the hands of God sealed with seven seals. Someone worthy was needed to open those seals as this is the Book of Life. All those saved are written there but the seals stop the book being opened. Without those names being read out all will be lost, so John wept when no one was found worthy to open the seals. But the angel with John comforts him and says that the Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed. John turns expecting to see a lion but sees instead a lamb that had been slain coming from God's throne. Of course we recognise this as Jesus Christ but He came from the centre of the throne and Revelation chapter 4 tells us that there was only ONE sitting on that throne. Revelation is a book of symbols and here we see the symbol of the one true God becoming a lamb to die that the book of life, with our names in it, could be redeemed. And notice it is redemption. To redeem is to pay the price for what was originally yours. We were God's children, lost to Him by Adam and Eve but redeemed by Him on the cross.

It is the Lamb coming off the throne, that breaks the seals and opens the book. It was Jesus Christ who came down into that room with William Branham with an open book, the seals were broken by the Lamb and revealed to Brother Branham. (Note this was in vision form. The Lamb actually leaves the throne to redeem the book, the book is His people, in reality at the Rapture)  This is Revelation chapter 10 from verse 1 to 7 being fulfilled. Now with the mysteries revealed Branham preaches them specifically fulfilling verse 7 where the Mystery of God should be finished as Christ has revealed to His prophet.

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There are four creatures that surround the throne of God. They are listed in Ezekiel 1 and in Revelation 4 as being a Lion, an Ox or calf, a Man and an Eagle. Each one in turn calls John to see one of the first four seals opening. Each of the first four seals depicts a rider on horse. The colour of the horse depicts its objective. Biblically a horse is a beast of war, a donkey a beast of peace, hence, on Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The rider (and there is only one rider for all four horses) is Satan attempting to gain control over God's Holy Spirit led churches.

1st Seal

The first seal is a picture of a white horse riding out with a crowned rider, conquering and determined to conquer more. The rider is dressed in white and he has a bow, although no arrows are mentioned. A bow signifies a lying tongue. At first glance this looks like Jesus as described in Revelation 19 v11-16, riding on a white horse to bring judgment. But the revelation Branham brought was that this was the spirit of antichrist riding forth opposed by the Holy Spirit represented as a Lion. In that early church, from about 54AD there was a move to control and conquer the laity by having priests and clergy in charge of churches. These people were known as the Nicolaitane, Nico - Conquer and Laitane - Laity (people/congregation). Jesus instruction to Peter to feed His sheep was supplanted by the teaching of controlling and possibly fleecing, the sheep. Basically the white horse is a bluff, a Christ look-alike to gain influence power and control.

Although there are overlaps between seals and the church ages the White Horse basically covers the first two church ages, Ephesus and Smyrna from 54 AD to 312 AD. 

2nd Seal

The second seal has a picture of a Red horse and rider opposed by the Holy Spirit as an Ox. The Ox is a beast of burden or sacrifice. Red of course denotes war, blood, murder, And that, from the time Constantine married church and State together in the Pergamos church age (Pergamos means marriage) is what the now very powerful so called Christian church did. It declared war on any who differed from its trinity doctrine and baptism in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost or rebelled against including Mary as an intercessory. 

I think this seal operated from around 310 AD to the first crusades and included the Popes appointment of William the Conqueror as king of England over King Harold before the Battle of Hastings in 1066AD.

3rd Seal

The Black horse of the third seal denotes spiritual darkness. The Roman Catholic church was using a Latin version of the Bible, first produced by Jerome in the 4th century. As time went on that latin translation became the standard Bible, the general use or vulgar Bible. Hence its name the Vulgate. Generally speaking it was only the church trained priests bishops and other hierarchy who could read Latin which meant that as a rule the Bible and its teachings were not available to the vast majority of people. Instead the church could create its own dogma and traditions without direct links to scripture. This seal also records Christ's words "a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny but see you touch not the oil or the wine." It was in this period that the Roman Catholic church charged money for indulgences, special services and so on. But they are not allowed by God to restrict, or charge for the anointing nor the revelation. 

Against this darkness the third beast, the intellect of man, worked. From the 1300's the Bible was being translated more and more into common language. With the Reformation under Luther and the invention of the printing press the Bible German, French, English and many other translations became available. This Seal covers part of the Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and the early part of the Laodicean church ages probably from around 1066 through to 1963. 

4th Seal

The fourth horse is a mixture of all three previous horses. It has the ability to look a bit like Christ's horse, can initiate war and persecution like the red horse, and keep people in spiritual darkness as the black horse. And this time the rider is named. He is Death.

The fourth beast is the only one no to be earthbound, it is the Eagle. That bird symbolises a prophet, the Rapture and a message that will call believers from this world and into the next. The revealing of the seals in 1963 is a key event ushering in the free church called out from organisational religion to a personal walk (or flight) with God.

This is the last seal for the Christian Church and it runs from 1963 to the Rapture. (See Seven Church Ages)

5th Seal

Those under the altar had a testimony but not of Christ. They also wanted vengeance. This has to be the Jews, especially those killed in the holocaust. White robes were given them (salvation). After all, how could a just God condemn those He blinded from the truth?

They must wait until their fellow servants are slain, These are the 144,000 who will become Christians under the preaching of the two prophets, Moses and Elijah, of Revelation 11.

6th Seal

Finally God brings judgment on the world ending in the Battle of Armageddon. The two modern Babylons, the one a city set on seven hills who secretly rules the worlds politics and finances, and is also a church, and the second, a city of angels, centre of music and entertainment, will be destroyed. One by an atomic bomb the other by an earthquake that will tip it into the sea. Much of the later chapters of Revelation go over these events, several times.


       The Valley of Armageddon from Mount Carmel in Israel

7th Seal

Silence in heaven for half an hour. The Seal is a secret, yet we know it is the coming of Jesus Christ and it also has to do with the people sealed with the Holy Spirit. All we can say is that it is the seal of God.

Once Brother Branham had summarised his sermons on the seven seals he turned to Matthew 24 and read them out from there. His revelation was perfectly in line with scripture, although there is no mention of the seventh seal in Matthew 24. But then that is a secret, it is silence, and that fits too.

With Scriptural confirmation of Branham's revelation and teaching on the Seven Seals, plus the alignment of Revelation 10 v1-6 with what happened just before the series of messages were preached, I think any worthy Berean would be satisfied.


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