The Messenger

Before God does anything He always sends a message through His prophet. (Amos 2 v7)

God doesn't change. Noah preached before the Flood, Moses before the Exodus and John the Baptist before Jesus's ministry. If Jesus is to return to call out His elect (Rapture) then He will first send a prophet with a Message.

It is the Message that will call out the elect. It was a message that called Noah's family into the ark. It was a message of the Lamb at Passover that called a people out of Egypt. It was the Message of Jesus Christ that called a church out of Judaism and it is a Message that is now calling a Bride out of a Laodicean luke warm church.

The corn of wheat (church) had fallen into the ground and died in the Dark Ages. In the early 1500's a messenger was sent, Martin Luther, to call out a people who would protest against the old order and accept Justification by Faith.

In the 1700's the message of Sanctification (living lives separated to God) was John Wesley's which added growth to that new plant of Luther's. 

Adding to the growth of Luther and Wesley was the Pentecostal Revival of the 1900's.

None of this invalidated the move or message of the previous age, it simply added to the previous faith, the corn of wheat had become a new wheat plant.

Now as the return of Jesus Christ is anticipated God has sent a message to restore believers to the original Christian Faith that the apostles had. The Message is Bible based, it reveals biblical mysteries such as the Seven Seals, true water and spiritual baptism, as well as revealing the spiritual messages behind events and characters throughout the Bible.

For me it opened the Bible and made it make sense by linking the whole sixty six books into one complete theme with many smaller themes running through it.

The Messenger

God always uses a man or a woman. That was what caused the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees to reject Jesus. They expected an all powerful God who would vindicate their teachings, drive out the Romans and make Israel the top nation. They looked for their version of God. He was there alright, but He was in human form so they rejected Him.

God told Moses, I have come down to take my people out of Egypt. I send you to do it! God operated through Moses. It was God, but it was God in a man. That was why Korah, Dathan and Abiram were in so much trouble. They saw the man Moses and said you take too much upon yourself Moses, we are all Holy. They saw the man but missed God in the man. And that was in spite of all the miracles.

And it has always been that way. God was in Gideon, In Samson, In Samuel, in David, in Esther, in Ruth. Whenever something had to be preached or portrayed through a life (types and patterns) God used people/ And because of the veil of human flesh most people never saw beyond the person to God within the person.

It continues through history. Luther, Knox, Calvin were all used by God to lead a reformation. Wesley, Whitfield, Moody, Booth took God's people to another level. Seymour and others at Asuza Street moved onward and upward again.

Jesus promised, in Matthew 17 v11 that Elijah the prophet would come before the dreadful day of the Lord. The dreadful day of the Lord is the Tribulation when Christ comes to judge the world, destroy evil and start His one thousand year reign. But, as Malachi 4 verses 5 & 6 tell us Elijah will come to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. We are children of the church fathers. We believe we are close to the Great Tribulation. There must therefore be an Elijah.

I believe William Branham is the only man who fits those prophecies and the types and patterns. Without worshipping the man I declare that William Branham is the our messenger for this day. 

Branham’s ministry started just as recording machines were becoming available and over 1,100 of his sermons are available today. This is the Message.

William Branham was killed in a car accident by a drunk just before Christmas 1965. But as Revelation 10 verse 7 says “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel (messenger), when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God would be finished as He has declared to His servants the prophets.” The mysteries were finished when he began to sound but that recorded voice is still speaking that message today. These are the days of that voice.

Revelation 10 verses 1-6 are all about the mighty angel coming down. The description of this angel matches that of Jesus in Revelation chapter 1. This is the Lord Himself descending with a shout (message) and the voice of the archangel (Jesus) of 1 Thessalonians 4.

Luke 17 verses 26-30 describes the time of Jesus secret coming as being like the time of Noah when people were being married several times, and also like the time of Lot when homosexuality was accepted as normal. Then come the days of the Son of Man, a ministry like that of Jesus.

Even a quick review of Branham’s ministry will show he fits the bill. There are several web sites claiming him to be a false prophet but then there were plenty who accused Jesus, Peter, Paul and John, among many, as false too. In fact St Paul when speaking to Festus he says that he is a follower of the way called herisy. 

We must never think of William Branham as Jesus, he was simply the man appointed and called by God to do a job, to fulfil those and other scriptures. But nor should, we fall into Korah’s trap of thinking that other men are just as anointed or Holy. No one else has ever had such a ministry. William Branham restored the original Christian faith, revealing the end time secrets and the mystery of God Himself. He is the prophet messenger for our time.

God’s Message has been delivered by the messenger sent by God. That being so it makes sense to find out what he said. 

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