The Five Elijahs

The Bible lists five visitations of the spirit of Elijah.

The first is, of course, Elijah himself. He opposed King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. He held a Mount Carmel showdown where he challenged the many prophets of Baal to call down fire from heaven, something they couldn't do, and then successfully called down fire from heaven both on the waterlogged sacrifice and on two of the bands of soldiers sent to capture him

The second Elijah is Elisha who asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit. The Bible records four miracles for Elijah and eight for Elisha.

Then Jesus in Mathew 14 speaks of an Elijah who will come and restore all things and also of an Elijah that has just been; John the Baptist. Malachi also refers to two Elijahs. Chapter 3 refers to the Elijah of John the Baptist while Malachi 4 also refers to another Elijah who will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, in other words restore.  

Finally, in the Book of Revelation chapter 11, there are the two witnesses of God. One of these can turn water into blood and call up many plagues. He sounds suspiciously like Moses while his companion can stop the rain for three and half years and call down fire from heaven. He sounds very much like Elijah. As the first three and the last Elijah are all dealing with Jews we should look carefully for the fourth one. 

The spirit of Elijah in John the Baptist introduced Jesus to the Jews. The last visitation comes just before Jesus returns in bodily form to rescue the Jews and set up the millennium, the thousand year rule if Christ or the Day of the Lord.

But Christians are anticipating another visitation of Christ, or revelation of the Son of Man in Spirit form to fulfill Luke 17 v 30.  This will be just before the Rapture or the catching away of the Bride of Christ to meet Him in the air. If the Spirit of Elijah precedes the coming of Christ in Roman times and at Armageddon, then, as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, the Spirit of Elijah must precede and introduce this secret coming of Jesus to the church.

And if there is a message to the church of Laodicea, and who would argue that does not describe the state of the international church organisations of today, then there must be a messenger or angel to the Laodicean church. And who could that be except the seventh angel of Revelation 10 verse 7?

So these are the five Elijah's the Bible talks about. The point is that the Elijah of Revelation 10 v7 and Malachi 4 v5-6 then he is for our time, for this generation, and we need to recognise who he is so that we can hear his message.

The only man who fits the description in the last generation is not people like Billy Graham or Oral Roberts, wonderful men of God though they are. Such a man whill love the wilderness and be a seer, (a major prophet). He will discern the thoughts and intents of heart as God's seers always have. He will preach a message to have people return to God, not a specific church or denomination.

William Marrion Branham did just that, and more besides. Elijah is recorded as producing four miracles, Elisha with a double portion produced eight, John the Baptist none, but God, through William Branham produced thousands of miracles world wide. So much so that his ministry reads as if the Son of Man was being revealed again. Not that Branham was the Son of Man but that the Son of Man operated through him as the first fruits of the final move of God for us Gentiles. The Message Believers world wide are now that harvest. They are the body of Christ here on earth. Each member is an individual powered, led and guided by the Holy Spirit. None are God individually but together they are Jesus Christ here on earth. (I Corinthians 12)