Serpent Seed

Jesus said it in His explanation of the parable of the Tares and Wheat, (Matthew 13 v37-38) the devil has children!

Having explained that a good man sowed good seed in his field Jesus goes on to say that the enemy came and sowed tares amongst the wheat. He also explained that the field is the world and the good seed are God's children. Then He adds that the tares are the children of the wicked one, the devil.

Right there is a key to understanding just how a loving God can allow so much killing in the Old Testament. A good gardener must love his plants but hate weeds. Jesus told is that right from the beginning, there isn't just one race of people on earth, there are two. One race is from, and destined for, heaven. The other is for destruction. That's Jesus' own interpretation of His own parable, not mine.

But how did the tares get here? How could there be a second race of people?

Adam was obviously a child of God, and Eve came from Adam. But Eve talked to the serpent. Notice that the serpent was not originally a snake. In Genesis 3 we learn that the serpent was cleverer than any other creature. He was above the monkeys, chimpanzees and the gorillas. He was able to talk with Eve. That means he had high intelligence plus the vocal chords tongue and mouth structure enabling him to enunciate words, even reason and argue.

I know that the common picture of this scene in the Garden of Eden is of Eve choosing between two tress and then taking fruit from the forbidden tree. But that is simplistic. One of the trees was the Tree of Life. Its fruit would give eternal life. There is only one source of eternal life and that is God Himself. That tree has to be God. So if the Tree of Life is God then the tree of knowledge of good and evil must also be a person, the Devil.

Eve took of the fruit and ate. Fruit carries seed. She took seed into herself. Proverbs 30 v20 talks of an adulterous women, "she eats, wipes her mouth and says I have done nothing wrong." So eating is Biblically linked to adultery.

In Chapter 4 of Genesis twins, two sons, are born to Eve, Cain and Abel. When they are both grown up Abel offers a life as a sacrifice to God but Cain, thinking of the original sin in terms of trees, offers a sacrifice of fruit. God accepts Abel's offering but not Cain's. 

Cain's temper rises and he murders Abel. When God asks where Abel is Cain lies, pretending not to know.

Creatures, including humans, are greatly influenced by their parental genes and attitudes, John 8 v44 has Jesus saying that the devil is a murderer and is the father of lies. And in 1 John 3 v12 it states that Cain was of, or came from, the wicked one.

A false life came into the world through Eve. And because the original sin created a life the only propitiation for that sin was death. That is why Abel's sacrifice was accepted and Cain's rejected. That is also why a lamb had to be slain to give life to Israel. And of course that is why the perfect life of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God had to be given to give us life. That is also why God had to plant a fertilised egg in the virgin Mary so that Jesus could be born as a second Adam with no direct genetic link to fallen man yet be born of woman.

The punishment dealt to Eve was that she should be ruled over by her husband and in sorrow she would bring forth children. Notice how the punishment exactly fits the crime. She hybrid spiritual life with animal life.

The prophecy in Genesis 3 v15 that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent is illustrated in God's first Bible, the stars. ABove the constellation of Scorpio, Ophiuchus can be seen holding back the serpent who is struggling to get his head in Corona Borealis, the crown of heaven. In doing so Ophiuchus is standing on the head of Scorpio while Scorpio's tail is lifted to strike his heel.

Only one woman in history had her own seed. All the others had seed from men. Mary had a fertilised egg placed in her womb by God, a perfect new life. 

Hybridising is the only way the devil could introduce a false life into God's creation. He cannot create so he got the serpent to beguile, or seduce, Eve.

Once Abel was dead Adam had another son, Seth. And it was Seth that inherited Adams line, not Cain. Seth, of course, had children through his sisters and so did Cain. There was a son of God line and a son of man line. But as generations passed the daughters born of Cain's line became far more beautiful than the daughters of Seth's line. Inevitably the sons of God saw the daughters of sons of man that they were really good looking and chose wives of them. The sons of God hybridised the two separate lines so God decided to flood the earth and save just Noah and his family. But even then the serpent seed came in the ark and has intermingled with us all since that time.   

So we have all been born through sex, not the Word, hence we must be born again. Christ died that we could accept the death of His perfect virgin born life as a substitute for our false life, and thereby gain His eternal life. 

The seed of the serpent didn't stop with hybridising our physical life but hybridised our spiritual life too. John the Baptist called the church leaders of his day vipers, that is snakes. And regrettably many church leaders of today have hybridised Christianity for popularity, money or sex.

All of us are tainted by the serpent. No one is in a position to know who is a tare and who is wheat, but God does know. He will ensure the tares are bundled together for burning and the wheat is brought into His barn, All we need to do is follow God's Word, Jesus Christ and be born again of Him.  

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Richard Oliver

Jan 2015


Extra Thoughts

William Branham preached a sermon in 1958 called the Serpent Seed. It is downloadable both in booklet format and MP3 at then type in Serpent Seed. (Branham's messages are available in English and many other Languages)

Although mocked by many theologians, and viewed as a weird doctrine by most denominations, the truth is that it all makes sense and ties in with the Bible.

How else could Cain be "of" that wicked one. How else could Cain be a liar and murderer if His grandfather was God? 

Branham does not teach that Eve had intercourse with Satan, he teaches she mated with an animal so like herself and Adam, one cleverer and more subtle than all other creatures, yet one changed so completely and dramatically changed by God so as to hide the missing link between the children of God and the animal kingdom.  

On a purely natural level how else is mankind's obsession with sex and pornography so well explained?

If it is the the original sin and we have all come into the world through sexual intercourse then no wonder we must be born again.