Links to Other Message Sites

There are many other web sites about "The Message," some for, and some against. Listed below are a few in support. Most of these have extra resources unavailable here.

Then there are links to a few other church web sites.

And finally a news link. As the Jewish nation are God's timepiece then if you want to know what time it is you should look at the clock; the nation of Israel, and see what the pointers are indicating.

Churches in United States 
  Believers Christian Fellowship 
  Happy Valley Church, Johnson City, Tennessee 
  Tuscon Tabernacle, Tuscon, Arizona

Message Material Sources 

  Message Hub  (Downloadable Messages translated into many langauges)

  Good Range of Bro Branham Material 
  End Time Message Org  
  Solid Christian Teaching & Pastoral Ministries

  News in Israel 
  Temple Mount Faithful

Other Message Sites 
  A South India Message Church 
  Believers Newsletter 
  Grace & Truth Tabernacle 
  Mityana Message Youth - Uganda


For & Against

The World Wide Web has as much variety of opinion as the world at the time of Jesus of Nazareth, or Elijah the Prophet or Moses. There were plenty of opinions against all three, Moses was accused of making too much of himself, Elijah was one against a large majority of 450 priests of Baal, and Jesus was called a devil.

So it is with William Branham and the people of the Message. Branham has been praised as Jesus and vilified as Satan, neither of which are correct. Message Believers are thought to be a cult, and some even think a dangerous one at that.

Another similarity is the liberal theology movement originating in Germany in the mid to late 1800s. The Bible was demythologized by members of this movement. They claimed to expose errors in Gospel texts. They questioned Old Testament and other historical records as to their accuracy, In short the reliability of the Bible as being a true and accurate record was attacked by the very people who should be protecting and promoting it. Now that many Brother Branham's generation that were witnesses of miracles and teachings have passed away the same spirit is attacking "The Message."

The only way to check the validity of the Message and its messenger is through the Bible. Other church doctrines, books on cults and well meaning but ill informed clergy are, and never have been, the way to determine truth. Truth will not be found by scholarly examination of Greek and Hebrew. It can only be found by getting to know the author of the Bible and of the eternal plan.  

There are two Greek words for "word", Rhema and Logos. Rhema is the actual word used, its grammatical position and meaning while Logos refers to the thought carried by the word or words. Jesus was not called the Rhema, He was called the Logos. And the logos, being a concept or picture, is a revelation. Only God Himself can give a believer the revelation or the logos.      

Jesus Christ is Truth. He is the Word of God and the Bible is the written Word of God, the scriptures. If the prophet and the message match scripture, are in scripture, and enlighten readers of scripture then both pass the Word test.

There is no other test because Jesus said that heaven and earth will pass away but His Word remains. 

Of course it is tough on our intellect when we can see what appear to be obvious errors written down in the Bible or heard on tapes but Jesus told us that unless we accept the kingdom of God as a little child we cannot enter. Our intellect must take second place to our faith. I trust that in the end when we know all and have all the facts we will find that there are no errors, and that the Bible and the Message is correct.