The stories in the Bible are not just stories, nor are they just historical records. They are Types and Patterns. For example lets take the book of Esther.

There is a king. He has a beautiful wife named Vashti. The King is celebrating and he wants to show off the Queen’s beauty. He sends seven chamberlains each with a message to call her. The queen is having her own feast, celebrating with her friends. She refuses to heed any of the seven messengers. She stays at her own feast in her own palace.

The king is displeased and worried. Such rebellion could spread throughout his kingdom. What should he do?

He decides to divorce Vashti and find Himself a new queen, someone who will honour him and his position. Of all those brought before him he chooses Esther, a Jew.

And we stop there. There are more types later such as when Haman tries to destroy all the Jews. That was Germany under the Nazis but not part of this study.

There is a King of kings. He has a wife, the church. Church history was prophetically given in Revelation chapters 2 and 3, the seven churches or  seven church ages.

The king has sent seven messengers (angels) to the church. Each church age rejects the message of the new messenger just as Vashti did. Churches have their own doctrines and will not listen. She has her own word and feasts on that.

So the King of Kings is outside the church, knocking to get in. Refused entry He sends out a proclamation, a message, “Come out of her my people.” 

That is Revelation 18 v4, a call from God; the message for this time. God will divorce those that put their theology, their doctrine, their traditions before God’s own Word, the Bible.

What God is looking for is that holy person who, no matter what group or church they are in, puts God and His Word first. That is the Bride of Christ.

And that is what Esther is all about.

Ref: Esther 1 v1-22 & 2 v1-18, Rev 2 v1-29 & 3 v1-22, Rev 18 v4, Ephesians 5 v24-28