Come Into Jesus Christ

Much is preached and taught encouraging people to come out of the world and into a church.

That is all very well but there is a very great danger that church is where a person will settle down. It is easy to just  become a church member and believe that I have arrived. But coming out of the world and into a church environment  is only the first step of a Christian's walk. The Exodus story is a parable of a Christian's spiritual journey. Getting out of Egypt is good, but it is only the beginning of a long journey. The aim is to get out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. 

When Jesus died on the cross He left about 120 believers here on earth. Empowered by the Holy Ghost at Pentecost those 120 received the same Holy Spirit that had powered the life of Jesus Christ. They ran out of the Upper Room confident and assured. They preached, healed, cast out devils and raised the dead just as Jesus had done. Together those 120 believers became the physical body of Jesus Christ for that day, No one person was Jesus, they were all a part of Him. That is our Promised Land, to take our place in the body of Jesus. Our aim should be to become part of the body of Jesus, not just part of a group of believers.

God doesn't change. What was true in AD 33 is true today. The real church, the real called out people, are not a particular denomination. They are not even all the Message Believers. The real church is world wide. It is made up of all those who have been called out of their churches and who have become part of the living body of Jesus Christ for today.

1 Corinthians 12 lists the parts of the body of Christ. Apostles, prophets, teachers, miracle workers, healers, helpers, organisers, tongues speakers, interpreters. No one person is, or can, be Jesus Christ, but together, working as directed by God's Spirit, they are the body of people through which the work of Jesus Christ is done.

Every believer is called come out of the mindset that a church is their destination. We are all called to come into the place in the body of Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit can lead and guide us into fulfilling Scripture and God's will.

Of course we need training, And that is what the wilderness journey is all about. When we work through the Stature of a Perfect Man we mature into the sort of people that God can use. Then we can fulfill our place in that Promised Land. There will be giants there in the land that we are to defeat. There are walled citadels in our minds to overcome so that the Spirit of God can work through us without hinderance from our own mental attitudes.

But God has delivered His Word for this time through the Seventh Church Age messenger to ensure we understand His mind and we can become the overcomers of our day. If we can do that then we will manifest the Word of God for our day, and the Word of God is Jesus Christ.