Bible Verses for the Messenger

Matthew 17 v11

Jesus promised that Elijah would come and restore all things, and He spoke in the future tense. John the Baptist didn't restore anything so John was not that Elijah. John the Baptist, like Elisha, before him, had operated in the spirit of Elijah. That spirit appears five times in the Bible. But it was as a restorer still to come that Jesus spoke about. Since the time of Christ the church has spiraled down into a group of man controlled organisations called denominations. To restore the original "Book of Acts" type faith that the church had in the first 20 years since Christ requires a message from God for the Church of today. And this is to come through this promised restoration messenger.

Malachi 4 v5-6

To return the hearts of the fathers to the children (to make the hills and valleys of a mature religion unsullied again, is the job of the spirit of Elijah as given to John the Baptist. (See Luke 1 v17) But that still leaves the second part of the prophecy, turning the hearts of the children back to the fathers, unfulfilled. And that second prophecy matches Jesus's own prophecy of restoration in Matthew 17 v11. Todays new Christian children need the original faith and understanding of Christ restored.

Revelation 18 v4

All religions, all churches, all denominations, can take the place of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people, if asked if they are a Christian, will respond with I'm a Catholic or Methodist or whatever. Their faith is in their denomination. It is not in the resurrected Jesus Christ. The fact that many churches allow this situation is an indictment against them. The desire of many churches is for more church members, not more people born again and led by the Holy Ghost to worship and serve where they are led. This verse is the call of God to leave man made religions and "Christian denominations", turn to Him and avoid the coming judgment. A  messenger has to bring this message.

Revelation 3 v14

The key to understanding the Book of Revelation is in the first three chapters. The first sets the scene revealing Jesus Christ as the one true God preparing St. John to write seven letters to seven churches in Asia. A knowledge of Church history will reveal that those seven letters are actually seven prophecies of church history from the first century through today revealing seven church ages. Each letter is addressed to the angel, or messenger, of each church. We are clearly in the last age, the Laodicean, which means that there must be a messenger, or angel, for this age.

Revelation 10 v7

The seventh angel, that is the angel of the seventh church age. The messenger to the Laodicean church age will reveal the mystery of God. If he is the same person as Matthew 11 v17, coming in the spirit of Elijah, then he will have a massive impact, yet, like Jesus ministry, that impact would not be recognised by most. Jesus changed the world yet the word did not recognise Him. And so it will be again in this day.

Christians are anticipating the return of Jesus Christ. Yet He will not come as He did in the Gospels; a man in robes and sandals, preaching as He did in Galilee. He has already come in the form of the Holy Spirit.

In the Old Testament God was over His people, in the Gospels it was God with His people but from the Book of Acts on it is God IN His people. This is the revelation of the Son of Man in Spirit form fulfilling Luke 17 v 26-30. As it was in the days of Noah where people were marrying again and again, and enjoying life, and as it was in the days of Lot with much industry and trading, so it will be when the Son of Man is revealed. That describes today. So the Son of Man, now as the Holy Spirit, is being revealed in Word form. Jesus is the Word. The Word in Holy Spirit form comes through a prophet and into believers. In other words Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to believers through preaching of the Word and only those with "ears to hear" will recognise God operating today.     

This will be just before the Rapture or the catching away of the Bride of Christ to meet Him in the air.As Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, the Spirit of Elijah must precede and introduce this secre

And if there is a message to the church of Laodicea, and who would argue that does not describe the state of the international church organisations of today, then there must be a messenger or angel to the Laodicean church. And who could that be except the seventh angel of Revelation 10 verse 7?

Types & Patterns

But there are more Bible verse for the Messenger if one looks at types and patterns. For example:

Type: Genesis 24 v1-67

Abraham wanted his son Isaac to have a wife taken, not from among the people of the land he was living in but, from the land he came from. He would not send his son Isaac there so He therefore got his chief servant, Eliezer, to swear that he would go back to Ur, Abraham's birth place, and find a wife for Isaac. Eliezer traveled back to the Euphrates valley to Ur and asked God to assist him in finding the woman God wanted to be Isaac's Bride by having her offer to raise water for him and the camels. (Quite a chore as Camels drink lots at the end of a journey.) At that point Rebekah came to the well and did just that. She was even related to Abraham. When Eliezer asked her to leave her home and family to journey to a strange land and marry a man she had never seen she agreed although her parents wanted her to stay awhile first. Then at the end of the journey, at evening time she saw Isaac in the fields and learning who he was jumped off the camel and met her groom outside of the camp.

God wants a Bride for His Son. He does not want her selected from the people of this world He want's one who was from eternity and shouted for joy with all the sons of God when the world was created. (Job 38 v3-7) So God sent a messenger to call out a Bride as He was not sending His Son to earth again. The Messenger came preached. The Bride will respond to the request, give water to what will carry her to meet her groom and she will not be put off by friends and family who advise caution and delay. And in the evening time she jump off the group she has been traveling with and meet the Lord Jesus in the air. (I Thessalonians 4 v16-17)


Ruth was non Jew; a Gentile. She married one of Naomi's sons, as did Orpah. Then Naomi's husband died and so did her sons. When Naomi decided to return to Israel both Orpah and Ruth intended to go with her but then Orpah stayed with her own people and only Ruth went with Naomi.

Once in Israel, being poor, Ruth went gleaning. This was the Social Service system in Israel were a farmer was not allowed to harvest all his crops. The corners of the field had to be left for the poor and if any corn was dropped while harvesting it had to be left for the poor who followed "gleaning" what was left behind. The poor had to work to get their food while the richer had to allow some of their harvest to be taken.

Boaz was the Lord of the Harvest. He saw Ruth and checked out her character with his chief reaper. Liking what he saw and learnt he instructed Ruth to stay with his reapers throughout the harvest and share the midday meal with them. He instructed the reapers not to touch or interfere with Ruth but rather drop extra corn for her to glean.

Finally, at the end of the harvest, Naomi instructed Ruth to go to Boaz at night and lay down at his feet. This was not something a sensible honourable girl would do. But she did it.

Boaz then acted the part of the kinsman which was to redeem Naomi's land and marry Ruth.

This is harvest time. Naomi's husband and two sons have died in the holocaust. Naomi has returned to her homeland, Israel. Ruth, the gentile, has been gleaning from the Word of God. The Lord of the harvest has sent reapers into the fields and has told Ruth to feed at their table. He has instructed the reapers to drop extra corn for Ruth.

Now as harvest time closes Ruth offers herself completely to Boaz and the Lord of the Harvest, Jesus Christ becomes man so that He can become the nearest kinsman and marry the Gentile bride.

There has to be a chief reaper to fulfill this scripture. It is the prophet of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10 v7. Only William Branham fits the type.


Jesus Christ comes to earth in human form three times. Once as Jesus of Nazareth, secondly in secret, and finally to bring judgment. Before He came as Jesus of Nazareth John the baptist, in the spirit of Elijah proclaimed His coming. It is another with the Spirit of Elijah who proclaims His coming in judgment to the Jews in Revelation 11. As Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, the Spirit of Elijah must precede and introduce this secret coming of Jesus to the church.

There must be an Elijah proclaiming the coming Lord before Christians meet the Lord in the air.

William Branham's ministry is the only one that fits this pattern.