Zimbabwe 2013

The Groombridge Convention in Harare, Zimbabwe was held this year between 9th and 13th August. With some 200 plus people and around 30 Pastors it was a great success. Pastor Albert Matimbe was the organiser he worked hard so that all ran smoothly allowing others to preach. 

There were many speakers with 3 services most days. The variety of subjects, presentation styles and emphasis confirmed that Jesus Christ is a God of variety as well as a God of love.

Zimbabwe Groombridge Convention
Zimbabwe Groombridge Convention - By the second evening the hall was almost standing room only.
Groombridge Ministers
A Few Groombridge Ministers - Each one is from a different country.
Albert Matimbe
Brother Albert Matimbe, Wife and Daughter - Bro Albert, through the Holy Spirit, was the driving force and organiser of the very successful 2013 Groombridge Convention.
Harare City
Harare City, Capital of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe has inherited a solid infrastructure and a newish city centre.
From Norway
From Norway - Pastor Rolf Strommen, here with his wife, is an ex Salvation Army member who came into the Message in the 1970s. He is a very missions focused preacher.
Bro Rolf Preaching
Bro Rolf Preaching - The ministers on the platform learnt a lot from Brother Rolf as did the congregation.
Safari Morning Tea Site
Safari Morning Tea Site - After the convention I was treated to a one day Safari. The scenery was fantastic.
Brothers With A Message
Brothers with a Message - These are all ministers of The Message.
Albert's Trustee's Family
Albert's Trustee's Family - A Believing Family photo.
From Zambia
From Zambia - Part of the Zambian contingent who were all singers.
The Hall
Groombridge Primary School Hall
Samuel Otaget and I
For the sake of the camera Samuel Otaget and I make as if we were putting each other straight. Good fun at the last meal together.