Uganda was our first overseas Missions outreach. Richard visited in 2006, again in 2007 with Pastor Greg Alford from Christchurch and on his own again in 2010.

We have a small team translating Bro. Branham's Messages into the area's Luganda language. These (plus English and many other language translations) are available to download free from Cloverdale Bibleway's Message Hub website in Canada. The translation team is based at Kaliro about a little over a one hour drive from Jinja on Lake Victoria. There are many Message Churches in the area. Although many people can speak English a lot cannot read it.

Uganda Overview

Uganda is a land locked country of about 30 million people. It has Kenya to the east and the Congo to the west. As in many African countries the Message is well established but support is needed both financially and by making personal visits.

Kamuli Township
Kamuli Township, one hour inland from Jinja was the centre for our first visit. Pastor Charles Basilirwa organised the visit.
Church Parking Lot
Church Parking Lot - Parking at church can be a problem.
Church at Kaliro
Church at Kaliro - This church is the centre of the translation project.
Village Huts
Village Huts - Village homes off the main and secondary roads.
Baliita Hannington
Pastor Baliita Hannington of Kaliro is manager of the Luganda translation team.
Uganda School
Uganda School - The bright coloured school uniforms are a picture.
Secondary Roads
Secondary Roads - The roads are dangerously slippery after rain. I never saw a road without pedestrians, even late at night.
Third Class Roads
Third Class Roads - More pedestrians and yes cars use these roads too.
Robert Kabasi & Family
Robert Kabasi & Family - Robert Kabasi uses his print station to produce Message Books for Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. We have been friends with Robert since around 2004 when (with our permission) he borrowed our logo for his church.
Printed Books
Printed Books - One man is employed part time to print by Pastor Robert to collate and deliver Message books within Kampala.
Robert's Kampala Church
Robert's Kampala Church - The Church is held in a schoolroom though they are saving hard to be able to buy a plot to build their own church but Kampala's land prices are astronomical. They need help.
Kampala City Main Road
Kampala City Main Road - Kampala is a city of some 4 million people, part modern, part poor.
Kampala City
Kampala City.
Kampala City Back Roads
Kampala City Back Roads - There are many unsealed roads throughout Kampala.
The Speckled Bird Tabernacle
The Speckled Bird Tabernacle - Both Greg Alford from Christchurch and I preached at this church in Kampala in 2007.
Map of Uganda
Map of Uganda - Uganda is blessed with lots of waterways and lakes. Lake Victoria, at Jinja is the source of the Nile.