Pastor Pedro Charles Alcandra of Dondo near Beira on the coast of Mozambique invited me to preach at his church, in Pastor George's church in Savane and at Pastor Simao Campira's church inland at Vanduzi.

The national language of Mozambique is Portuguese so I was lucky enough to be supplied with a very good translator, Domingos Wingue. Also Brother Albert Matimbe from Zimbabwe was with us most of the time. 

Here's a quick video of the 2011 visit to Africa: -


Mozambique Overview

Mozambique was a Portuguese colony until the 1970's when it won its freedom. As with most countries a civil war followed but since that time it has been growing more prosperous.

It borders South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania with the Indian Ocean on its eastern coast. 

Domingos Wingue
Domingos is a good friend and translator. Because there are also a number of people who do not speak Portuguese I would speak, he would translate to Portuguese, then another person would translate into another language.
Preaching in Dondo
Preaching in Dondo - Two translators were used all the time.
Other Ministers Gather
Other Ministers Gather - After a service in Dondo.
Savane Church
Savane is about an hour or so from Dondo along a dusty, sandy road. It is a smallish village but very friendly and welcoming.
Lunch - A goat is being skinned in preparation for the lunch that will follow the morning service. As people walk many miles to attend it is important and polite to feed them before they head home.
Albert Matimbe Preaches
Albert Matimbe preaches - Both Albert and I preached in Savane, he also taught the congregation a new song.
Vanduzi Church
Vanduzi Church - Pastor Simao Campira, his wife and child after the evening service. He has the same sense of humor and took me out for a meal at 2 AM.