Mozambique 2013

At the close of the meetings in Harare, Zimbabawe ministers went their several ways.

Pastor John Kyakonye and I travelled to Mozambique where Pastor Pedro Charles Alacandra had arrangend meetings in five different churches in the central part of Mozambique. John and I crossed the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique and on a circuitous route finished in Dondo near Beira preaching four times in most churches. John and I shared the preaching.

Mozambique Mission 2013
Mozambique Mission 2013 - The Team (minus Pastor Simoa of Vanduzi) L to R, John - Uganda, Antonio - Savane, Domingo (translator) - Vanduzi, Pedro Charles - Dondo, and our driver (sorry name misplaced).
Our Dining Room
At Maringue Our Dining Room - The ladies of the congregation prepared food for all who attended. They also waited on the ministers and elders in our dining room.
Waiting for Lunch
Waiting for Lunch - Just before lunch was a great time for photos. Minsters and elders gather.
Cooler under the Tree
Cooler under the Tree - A mat would often be used in church and outside as if it designated a special area. In church children would often all sit on the mat, here relaxation as of in a lounge or on a picnic.
Fellow Minister and Wife
Fellow Minister and his Wife - We met many Brothers and Sisters who together serve the Lord.
During A Service
During A Service - More and more people came as services were held.
Explaining - Actions often speak louder than words when a concept is presented.
Worship sincerity.
Pastor John
Pastor John from Kampala, Uganda - John came with me from Zimbabwe and into Mozambique. Our preaching style was so different and yet the two complimented each other.
Waiting - Translators (here Portuguese and Senna) await my next thought.
Emphasizing - Making a Biblical point.
Vanduzi Church
Vanduzi Church - The Congregation at Vanduzi.