Kenya is neighbor to Uganda. The countries meet at the northern end of second largest fresh water lake in the world; Lake Victoria.

Pastor Andrew Nguri asked me to preach at Nyahururu in the highlands in 2010. The town is at 7,500 feet above sea level and can be cool, especially at night, even though it is only a few miles from the equator.

Pastor Dean Gilchrist from Whanganui met me there on my second visit in 2011 and we then traveled on to Kisii some six or more hours drive away. James Okenda had invited Dean to preach, I was just second fiddle. Kisii is a city, an area and a tribe. It borders the Masai area in the Great Rift Valley.

Kenya Overview

Kenya is a richer country than it's neighbour Uganda.

There is a massive range of environments from flat savannah to the hills of Kisii and the mountain environment around Nyahururu. Animals, goats, cattle often frequent the flatter land in the hills but where there is more water crops including rice, and other grains are grown. Vegetables, cereals, are grown often in smaller garden plots while bigger coffee and tea plantations can be found in the hills and mountains.

Children respect their parents and misbehaviour at schools is not acceptable even by the students. They know that knowledge and good grades are necessary for any chance of a good job. 

Kenya 1 Dubai
Dubai - Flying via Dubai is an easy option to get to Kenya from New Zealand
Kenya 2 Nairobi
Nairobi - Jomo Kenyatta airport is just outside Nairobi City the capital of Kenya
Kenya 3 Nairobi
Nairobi - Nairobi is a big city of over 3 million people, some parts modern, some parts with older colonial style buildings.
Nyahururu is some three hours + north of Nairobi in the Kenyan Highlands. It is over 7,500 feet above sea level and is the home and training area for Kenyan runners.
The Services
The Services - Our services were attended by many Pastors as well as other people.
Andrew Nguri
On the right is Andrew Nguri who invited me to come and preach and on the left Pastor Stephen from Nakuru.
Maize for AIDS victims
Andrew's church, Jesus Voice Choice Ministries, is active in supporting AIDS victims by giving food. Here we measure maize.
Grateful Thanks
Grateful Thanks - Often these AIDS sufferers are widows with children who also have the virus. They are happy to receive help.
Discussions were common. Pastor Kuragu and Richard discuss the Message after a sermon.
The Church Team
The Church Team - From the left Julius Njuguna (translator), Richard, Stephen (Deacon) and Pastor Andrew.
Andrew and I
Andrew and I - Sometimes I query what Andrew says
The Convention Team
The Convention Team - Pastors, Meshack, Kiragu & Andrew with Bishop Mbuthia were the committee that arranged the conventions in 2010 and 2011.
Dean Preaching
Dean Preaching with Translator - Dean Gilchrist from Whanganui NZ joined on the last 2 days in Nyahururu.
Eating Out Menu
Eating Out Menu - In Nyahururu we often ate out. Here is a typical menu, prices are in Kenya shillings. 83 Kenya shillings is US$1. It was easy to have a meal for $2 to $3.
Thompson Falls
The local scenic wonder for visitors is Thompson Falls.
Nakuru National Park
Nakuru National Park, which is full of wild life, surrounds a lake. Lake Nakuru is sanctuary to a host of different birds, here a small gathering of flamingos.
Kisii Church
Kisii Church - This church is just outside the town of Kisii. Also attached is a school that the Pastor has built to educate the local children who are too poor to travel to larger centers.
Posh Hotel
Posh Hotel - At the end of our preaching programme in Kisii we went to a posh tourist hotel for a meal. Dean with Pastor James Okenda.
The Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley as seen on the road from Kisii to Nairobi.
Victor Okwaro
Victor Okwaro is Pastor of Funyula Church near the top of Lake Victoria and close to the border with Uganda. Home phone lines are rare but cell phones are everywhere.
Funyula Church
Funyula Church - A small congregation awaits the start of the service. Baliita Hannington and Samuel Otegat from Uganda are in the front row and were to take me over the border into Uganda.