The Mount Zion Tour included Jerusalem. For practical reasons I have kept these photos separate from the Israel ones. 

Some Interesting Information

The Muslims seem have a policy of destroying evidence of ancient Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and especially the Temple Mount.

While on the Temple Mount we saw ancient cedar beams dated from the time of building Solomon's Temple. A week after our visit Arab Muslims burnt them.

A visit to the Temple Institute with Rabbi Richman allowed us to see much of the material already prepared for the third temple.

Arabs were in control of Jerusalem for most of the preceding millennia. Never was it given any special status, never did they make it a capital. Jerusalem is mentioned 767 times in the Bible, there is no mention of Jerusalem in the Koran. Why do they want it now?

On the Mount of Olives
On the Mount of Olives - The Mount of Olives is separated from Old Jerusalem by the Kidron Valley.Our group held a service there remembering Christ's time there before the crucifixion.
Jerusalem - A view from the Mount of Olives.
Garden of Gethsemane
Garden of Gethsemane - Olive trees can live a long, long time. New shoots will grow from old gnarled stumps. Some here are at least 2,000 years old, here when Jesus wept.
Tunnel under the Temple Mount
Tunnel under the Temple Mount - The sign points to this place as being the centre of the universe and of the Jewish Faith. Paraphrasing it says this is where God stood when He said, Let there be ... This is Mount Moriah where Abraham brought Isaac and this is where the Holy of Holies stood.
Model of Jerusalem circa year 33 AD
Model of Jerusalem circa year 33 AD - This Model shows Jerusalem as it was around the time of Christ. The gully on the right is the Kidron valley between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. This stretches down through the Red Sea and to Mozambique in southern Africa, In that continent it is known as the Great Rift Valley. Suddenly Zechariah 14 v1-4 seems perfectly feasible.
Model of the Temple
Model of the Temple - This model is of Herod's temple. The large expanded area around is the Temple mount. Plans to build a third temple and to reinstate sacrifice are ready, should the Dome of the Rock be destroyed.
Shrine of the Book
Shrine of the Book - This museum contains many ancient scrolls, including those found near the Dead Sea at Qumran. For many years scholars and sceptics had been saying it was impossible to accurately copy scrolls over a long period of time. A scroll of Isaiah, predating the previous oldest by a thousand years, proved that they could and were accurately copied.
Manorah - The Manorah or seven branched candlestick is made of solid gold and os on display near the wailing wall at the temple site. This candelabra is also the Christian emblem of the Seven Churches of Asia described in Revelation 1 v12-13 & v19.
The High Priest
The High Priest - The High Priest stands next to the altar of Incense, his breast plate (Urim & Thimmim) on display. These are not copies. If the 3rd temple is built then these items will go into the temple and be used, they are the genuine article. See my video the High Priest
Table of Shewbread
Table of Shewbread - Another item for the 3rd temple this is the table of Shewbread.
City of David
City of David - This area of Jerusalem is just outside the old city walls and below the Temple Mount area near the Dung Gate. Closely packed houses rise up the hill from the Kedron Valley.
Dome of the Rock
Dome of the Rock - Some believe that this is the abomination that makes desolate standing in the Holy place. Apparently it doesn't quite sit where the temple would be if the temple were to be rebuilt.
Wailing Wall
The Wailing Wall - The wall is part of the western support wall for the Temple Mount, it isn't part of the old temple. However it is the area closest to the Temple site that Jews have free access to.
Golgotha - The place of the skull near to a garden tomb and just outside the old city walls.
The Garden Tomb
The Garden Tomb - The Tomb is empty. No other religion has such divine evidence. Death has been conquered, there is a Future Home.