In October 2012 a group of 47 "Message Believers" from around the world met to make the first "Mount Zion Tour of Israel."  Belgium, Canada, USA, Norway, Greece, England and New Zealand were all represented. This video is Part 2 of that tour covering our time in and around Jerusalem. (Part 1 is on the Gallery Main Page)


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Media Bias

About 25% Israeli citizens are Arabs. This is their choice. They have the same voting rights (there are several Arab members of the Knesset) and defence duties as Jews. On Jewish maps Samaria is an integral part of modern Israel but constantly on TV and the newspapers this area is renamed the West Bank. It is typically shown as being part of Jordan.

Day after day for years rockets from Gaza have hit Israel. What other country would put up with such aggression from another? What would your country think of a neighbouring government that allowed, even encouraged, its troops and civilians to fire rockets and bullets into your country. Israel finally acted and took out a key government leader. In response the Palestinians retaliated with longer range missiles (where did they come from?) and swarms of smaller rockets. These temporarily swamped the Israeli defence systems. Some of Israel's army prepared to go into the Gaza Strip. Promptly the USA sent a diplomatic mission to broker peace. They were successful.

Now there are no missiles being fired into Israel from Gaza yet the press showed Palestinians rejoicing over their victory  in forcing peace on Israel!!!!

Who gained the peace? And why aren't hard questions being asked from Palestinian authorities?

Are our journalists towing a political line instead of reporting news? 

Elijah Statue
Elijah Statue - This statue, on the top of Mount Carmel has Elijah slaying a prophet of Baal. His sword is bent from dealing with stiff necked false priests.
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv seems similar to many towns and cities around the Mediterranean with its bars, night clubs and beach.
Shiloh - Joshua pitched the Tabernacle at Shiloh after 40 years in the wilderness. That is the flat clear area behind the visitors with a white sun shade and marked out with stones. Passover was celebrated here for 369 years. All Israel ate the lamb on the surrounding hills. Here is where Hannah wept for a son, where that son Samuel worked for Eli, and from here set out to anoint Saul and David as Kings. It was a type of Christ (Genesis 49 v10)
New Towns
New Towns - Samaria has a number of new Israeli towns, working hard to make productive the rock strewn landscape. Once encouraged by the government they now survive through the vigilance and determination of the townsfolk. In Western political jargon Samaria is the West Bank and the new towns are misnamed as settlements.
Plantations - It is said that when the world was new a couple of angels were to spread rocks throughout the world but unfortunately the bags broke over Israel. Much land clearing is needed before valuable farming can begin.
This aqueduct brought water to Herod's new town of Ceaserea on the Mediterranean coast.
Chariot Racing Track
Chariot Racing Track - A favourite sport and more dangerous than Formula 1 or the Indy 500. The people sat on the stands on the left but Herod could view everything from his palace at the far end of the track.
Charioteers - Two of our tour group imagine!
Pontius Pilate's Inscription
Pontius Pilate's Inscription - Unlike fairy tales the Bible specifically names people, places and times. Our tour guide Giila points to Pilates name inscribed on a stone at Ceaserea.
The Rose of Sharon
The Rose of Sharon - Technically it is a lily, but this is the Rose of Sharon mentioned in the Bible. It is thought that this flower was the inspiration for the Star of David.
Jezreel Valley or Armageddon
Jezreel Valley or Armageddon - Looking down from Mt Carmel a fighter jet has just taken off from the aerodrome in the distance. As it, and another, screamed overhead our guide said, To us that is the sound of Freedom. Without air power Israel would be defeated. The Message is the Eagle anointing and without it we, like Israel, would fail.
Nazareth Precipice
Nazareth Precipice - Wayne, from Canada, stands where the crowds would have thrown Jesus down after His preaching in the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4 v28-29)
The Jordan
The Jordan - I had always imagined the Jordan to be a large river, it isn't. This is it above Galilee.
Tel Hazor
Tel Hazor - Israel abounds with ancient cities (more like small towns even villages by today's size). A defeated town still is a strategic site so a new town is built over the old, resulting in layers of occupation. Hazor was defeated by Joshua and burnt as evidence suggests.
Olive Oil Press
Olive Oil Press - A reconstructed ancient olive press. Some oil from the initial loading of olives runs out before any weight is added. Only this oil is used in the manorah candlestick in the tabernacle. In other words only what comes naturally, nothing man made!
Soldiers - Israel women too undergo military training. Imagine attacking a nation where every mother, every woman can use a submachine gun. And in type and pattern of the spiritual Israel every member of the Bride of Christ can fight for their Promised Land, their part in the Body of Christ.
Baal Worship
Baal Worship - Dan was the most northern tribe. This is the site where they turned to Baal worship. Rather than the need to go up to Jerusalem they could stay closer to home with a false faith. The Laodicean spirit and the desire of kings to control the people has always been around!
Ancient City
Ancient City - In Genesis 14 Abraham chased the kings who had captured Lot and defeated them. This mud brick city, now protected by a modern roof, is from that confederacy time of Lot's capture and is as Abraham would have seen it.
Golan Heights
Golan Heights - Looking north from the Golan Heights Israel is green. Whenever Israel is in its homeland there are blessings as well as problems. Whenever we are in the Word of God blessing outnumber problems and we have victory.
Sea of Galilee
Sea of Galilee - I allowed my camera battery to run out and have few shots of Galilee. However I have some video footage used in Part 1 of the Israel Tour.
Road to Nebo
Road to Nebo - Living in New Zealand it is sometimes difficult to grasp how arid and wasted the wilderness in and around Israel can be. Possibly this shot shows a little of that. Taken in Jordan heading towards Mount Nebo.
The Wilderness
The Wilderness - This is the sort of country Israel wandered in for 40 years.
Moses's View of the Promised Land
Moses' View of the Promised Land - Moses saw green looking down from Nebo into the Jordan Valley. His last view before he died.
The Treasury in Petra
The Treasury in Petra - Not strictly a Biblical photo but this is part of Edom, or Esau's country. Petra is a city built into rocks in a canyon and was a key trading centre.
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea - The Dead Sea from Jordan's side looking over to Israel. This is the area of Sodom and Gomorrah. Note the lumps of salt among the stores on the sea shore.
Jesus Baptism Site
Jesus Baptism Site - The Jordan has been diverted but this is where John the Baptist baptised Jesus. Matthew 3 v1-17 - Mark 1 v1-12 - Luke 3 v1-22
En Gedi
En Gedi - En Gedi is in the wilderness on the western side of the Dead Sea. It is some 20 miles or 32 kilometres across some rugged terrain from Bethlehem. King Saul slept in a cave here where David was hiding. It is the only place in the area with pure water. David, as a shepherd would have known of the place.
Tabernacle Model at Ariel Hotel
Tabernacle Model at Ariel Hotel - A night time History Walk has been built at the hotel in Ariel. Here a spectacular flame leaps from the altar of the tabernacle.