Evolution Falacies

One of the key fallacies is the tree of life shown in nearly every evolutionary text book

Charles Darwin first drew this tree for his book On the Origin of Species. A version of this tree, translated into English, was drawn by Ernst Haeckel with a massive trunk and lots of branches.

Of course this was in the mid to late 1800s and although there was little or no proof of the intermediate life forms that must make up the trunk and main branches Darwin was sure that these just hadn't been found yet. Time would prove him right.

Time has come and gone and the results are anything what Darwin, Haeckel and many others expected. 

There are two major paleontological fossil sites so far discovered in the world, the Burgess Shale in Canada and the larger Moatianship site near Chenjiang in China. Both have "Cambrian" age rock sediment layers. In the Pre Cambrian rock layers there is only simple life forms but in the Cambrian there is a massive explosion of life in a staggering array of different forms in a bewildering number of fossils.

The point is, various life forms suddenly appear. According to the rock records there were very simple single or small multiple celled organisms alive. Then in the next rock layer up, with no previous prototypes and no record of genetically similar ancestors, there a massive range of complicated creatures. They are just suddenly there!  

There is no scientific evidence that there is a tree trunk, branches or even tree with many developing creatures inexorably moving up an evolutionary ladder. Highly sophisticated and sometimes unknown life forms there certainly are but each one appears in the rock strata completely developed. And where there are similar creatures alive today these are basically identical. There is no evidence of growing progressive and ever more diverse tree of life. Instead a complete and complicated life form appears suddenly in the rock strata with no antecedents.

The other issue is that these creatures are dated by scientists as being around 50 million years old. Instead of billions of years often allocated to these relatively small and simple life forms to adapt into more complex life there is only 50 million years. And bear in mind there is a massive gap between these creatures and what we have around us today. 

50 Million years is still a lot of time, but when the current rate of adaption is measured and extrapolated there simply isn't enough time for Evolution, as we see it portrayed in documentaries and in books, to occur. Evolution has run out of time.

The evidence points determinedly away from Darwin's evolution by chance random mutation and survival of the fittest.

Professor J Y Chan who had examined fossils from the Maotianshan Shale in China was on a visit to the United State. He too had queried the evolutionary framework for life based on the evidence he had seen. He was asked if he was nervous about querying Darwin's theory so freely. He smiled and responded, "In China we can criticise Darwin, but not the government. In America, you can criticise the government, but not Darwin."


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