Revelation Studies


These MP3s are a study on the book of Revelation. Each teaching podcast takes about 7 to 10 minutes. Click on the chosen illustrated square to start the podcast. Or, if you prefer to read rather than listen, click on the book illustration.

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Overview of the Book of Revelation & Chapter 1

The book of Revelation is the last book in the Bible. It is a book of symbols. There are 7 Churches, 7 Seals (a seal is used to hold closed a rolled up scroll) and prophecies of end time events, such as World War 3 and the return of Jesus Christ in judgement.

But chapter 1 of Revelation is the revealing of who Jesus Christ is. 




Chapters 2 & 3

Chapters 2 & 3 of Revelation are ostensibly letters to 7 churches in ancient Asia Minor, an area known today as Turkey. The good and bad points of each church are an exact description of the good and bad points of the Christian Church through seven periods of time from Saint John and the first century through to today. They are the Seven Church Ages. We are now in the Laodicean Church Age.

Chapter 4 - 7

Chapters 4 - 7 has John taken up to heaven where he is shown the mystery of redemption as the Lion of the tribe of Judah is found worthy to break the seals of the book of Life when He becomes the Lamb of God. This redemption includes the 144,000 Jews, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes.

 Revelation 4 Part 1 Unit 12   Revelation 4 Part 2 Unit 13  Revelation 5 Unit 14          


Chapters 8 - 10

Judgment on the rest of the world is the subject of chapters 8 and 9 whereas chapter 10 is a description of the coming of the Message and the seventh church age messenger.

 Revelation 8 Unit 19  Revelation 9 Unit 20  Revelation 10 Part 1 Unit 21  Revelation 10 Part 2 Unit 22  Revelation 10 Part 3 Unit 23  Revelation 10 Part 4 Unit 24  Revelation 10 Part 5 Unit 25   Revelation 10 Part 6 Unit 26  


Chapters 11 - 14

The 11th chapter links back to the 5th seal and the 144,000 Jews saved through the preaching of Moses and Elijah yet having to die for their testimony.

From Chapter 12 describes empirical denominationalism while the other beast, the USA with its control of reformist denominations part way through chapter 13, rises to power but not for long as the beast that was, is and yet is not takes over the world's finances.

Again linking back to the 11th chapter chapter 14 starts with the 144,000 Jews and continues the beginning of God's judgement on the world's system.

Revelation 11 Unit 27  Revelation 12 Unit 28  Revelation 13 Unit 29  Revelation 14 Unit 30 


Chapters 15 - 19

Chapters 15-18 describe the judgments and give insights to the chief protagonists while chapter 19 tells of Christ's victory.

 Revelation 15 Unit 31  Revelation 16 Part 1 Unit 32  Revelation 16 Part 2 Unit 33  Revelation 17 Part 1 Unit 34  Revelation 17 Part 2 Unit 35  Revelation 18 Unit 36      



Chapter 20

Chapter 20 has the setting up of the millennium reign of Christ, or the Day of Lord, at the end of which in the last battle. This is followed by the white throne judgement.


Chapter 21 - 22

The last two chapters describe the new heavens and new earth. The new Jerusalem, which is the Bride of Christ, comes down from Heaven to rest on the new world. Eden is restored but with Christ and His creation one.