Three Studies

These three subjects are just a taste of our Bible teachings.

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Petra, Esau's country.

Petra is in the old kingdom of Edom, Esau's land.

Model of the Temple at Jerusalem

Temple at Jerusalem

This model is of Herod's temple. The large expanded area around is the Temple mount. Plans to build a third temple and to reinstate sacrifice are ready, should the Dome of the Rock be destroyed.

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The Seven Seals

There are four creatures that surround the throne of God. They are listed in Ezekiel 1 and in Revelation 4 as being a Lion, an Ox or calf, a Man and an Eagle. Each one in turn calls John to see one of the first four seals opening. Each of the first four seals depicts a rider on horse. 



Branham Cloud Controversy

Late in 1962 William Branham, a preacher who had what is probably the most effective world wide evangelistic and healing ministry in the mid 1900s, spoke about a "blast" that could mean the end of his life or something dramatic. Well, something dramatic happened on February 28 1963 when a strange cloud appeared over Flagstaff, Arizona as recorded in Time Magazine. It apparently moved toward Sunset Mountain near Phoenix as darkness fell.

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Branham Cloud Controversy

The Meaning Of Love

"And the Angels Turned Away" is a line from Graham Oliver's song "The Meaning Of Love".

Sung by the Oliver brothers and sister, (L-R) Vicky, Philip (Fish) Simon & Graham.

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