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Welcome to the Eltham Message Church Site

This Web Site offers the chance to check out today's Christian Message.

The choice facing Christians today is, as it always has been, to either follow Jesus Christ or to stay where we are. The word Church means "called out of". God's people have always been called out of something.

Noah was called out of his world, Abraham was called out of his home to a country he didn't know. Moses was used by God to call Israel out of Egypt, and Jesus called a people out from Judaism to become His church. Today we are being called out of the recognised denominational systems to follow Jesus Christ.

"Come out from her my people that you be not partaker of her sins ..."Revelation 18 v4.

People often think of themselves as Baptists, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics or whatever. We are to be followers of Jesus Christ, not an organisation. All too often churches are run by men, be it by a committee or a hierarchical system. The church of Jesus is run by the Holy Spirit and He deals directly with each individual. There is no need of a "Priest" or anyone controlling the church on behalf of God. 

While there are many good well meaning people in church systems it is our relationship with the Living God that counts. Jesus wants to run His own church Himself. The first ever Christian church was started in Jerusalem when 120 people were baptised with the life of Jesus when the Holy Spirit fell on them. They became new creatures in Christ, they were born again. That is the pattern; individuals born and led by the Holy Spirit.

We accept that the Bible is the written Word of God. We also accept that Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God. Those two must match. Unfortunately all too often modern church dogma does not match the Bible.

We also know that Jesus promised an Elijah style ministry to restore all things just before His return (Matthew 17 v & Mark 9 v12).  (Incidentally this could not be John the Baptist because he didn't restore anything. He did fulfill part of Malachi 4 v5-6 as Luke 1 v17 says but John the Baptist did not turn the hearts of the children to their fathers. (In other words restore us, the children of today, back to original faith of the Apostles, the original church fathers).

So a man with the spirit of Elijah is to come with a message to call us from organised Christianity to a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit. His message will take us back to the original church beliefs and, according to Revelation 10 v7, reveal the mysteries sealed for the end times. These are such things as Daniel's vision, correct Water Baptism and the Seven Seals.

God nearly always works through a man. Luther was one such, Wesley another. In the same way I believe William Branham is another such messenger.

We present some "Message" teachings (and they are all scriptural) that have come originally from William Branham, a man we believe God used as His messenger and modern day prophet.

We promote that message of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No group, church or individual can give eternal life but Jesus Christ alone. The message is to call us back to Him.  

As a personal note: unlike any denomination or any Christian group I have either been in or studied, this Message is the only source of Bible teaching that makes the whole Bible make sense.

May our Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you,

Richard Oliver



The Message of Jesus Christ for today is to:
  • call out a people from the world or religion back to Christ
  • prepare the true believers for the Rapture or secret coming of our Lord
  • restore the original Christian faith and understanding
  • reveal the end time secrets (such as the Seven Seals)
While we accept Branham (1908-1965) as prophet for our time we do not worship him. He was just the instrument bringing the Word of God for today, as in their day was Luther or Wesley. We believe that Word is the secret coming of Jesus Christ, as Christ is the Word. We hear God speaking and revealing His truth in the Message.
This message and Branham's ministry fulfills:
Luke 17 v26-30, Malachi 4 v5-6, Matthew 17 v11, Revelation 10 v7 & Revelation 18 v4  
The only scriptural way to know if "those things be so" is to act like the Bereans and check the scriptures. 
Branham always pointed to Jesus Christ, we do the same. The Bible is our final authority and it is our text book. The message illuminates, explains and links the scriptures that are for today. The message restores the original Apostolic faith and reveals end time truths.

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 An Incident From the Kaiapoi Church Dedication 10/5/14

A very little lady sat down beside me. She told me she had just had a birthday. She was now four. Confidingly , she told me she had a party. Friends came and she received seven presents and there had been a pink iced cake.

Obviously she had enjoyed celebrating her birthday and the gifts she had received.

I thought, “Christians have an extra birthday. A time when we were born again. We too received gifts, we too celebrated the wonderful event.

And then that little lady looked up with those honest trusting and caring eyes. “You have a birthday too,” she said. “You will have gifts as well.”

Then I realised that this little lady wanted me to enjoy what she had experienced. She was so thrilled with her birthday she wanted everyone else to have the same experience. 

And I thought isn’t that how all Christians should be. We should celebrate our new birth and the gifts our Father has given us. We should care enough about those we meet to want them to have the same experience. 

May we be as open and confiding.


Below is a video teaching on the change from Aaron's Priesthood to Christ.